What's The Real Truth When It Comes To Eating Healthy?


I think that for a lot of people they have a hard time knowing what healthy foods actually are. We think that healthy foods are fruits and vegetables but we are unaware of certain aspects when it comes to vegetables. We are unaware that undercooked or raw vegetables will actually breed much more endotoxin then cooked vegetables. We are unaware of the damage of polyunsaturated fatty acids and benefits of foods like coconut oil. There are many things we are unaware of because the food industry wants us to believe certain things that will lead us to buy their food products. The confusion when it comes to polyunsaturated fatty acids and the damage they cause all started in the 1930s. Farmers know that if they fed their animals coconut oil they would lose weight and become very lean. This is because coconut oil rapidly increases metabolism. When the farmers fed their animals flax and soy they found that the animals got fat on very little food. This is because the polyunsaturated fatty acids damage the animals metabolism. The animals were killed though way before they could actually see the health problems it created. By the 1950's petroleum was already developed and this meant that flax and soy was useless for the development of plastics. The soy and flaxseed industry needed a new place to push these polyunsaturated fatty acid rich foods. They decided to market it to the human population because polyunsaturated fatty acids lower cholesterol. They said that high levels of cholesterol are associated with heart disease so therefore if you consume foods rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids you lower cholesterol and reduce your risk for heart disease. This is really quite poor science because there are many things that will lower cholesterol that are good for you. Heavy metal toxicity will lower cholesterol. Emotional stress will lower cholesterol. Cholesterol is a precursor to all your steroidal hormones. The higher your metabolic rate the more cholesterol you actually use. This shows you that looking at levels of cholesterol is a terrible marker for an idea of a persons overall level of health. We believe that polyunsaturated fatty acids are good for us even though in the 1930's the farmer saw right through this.


If you want to know what foods are healthy I'm going to list them right now. Foods that you should be consuming are grass fed meats. You want to eat grass fed beef and lamb but be cautious around pastured pork because pigs can't convert cellulose that they eat from grass into saturated fats. That means that grass fed beef and lamb is safer than pastured pork. You also want to be consuming raw honey and coconut oil. Both raw honey and coconut oil are great foods for stimulating metabolism. If you asked me what was more important to consume raw or coconut oil? I would tell you that you want to consume both because both complement each other. An example of a great meal would be grass fed beef with some raw honey cooked in coconut oil. This is a perfect combination of the three important micro nutrient ratios. We have all these people promoting the raw food diet. The raw food diet causes a lot more harm than good because they're promoting the consumption of raw vegetables. Raw vegetables like I said earlier contain cellulose which is quite hard to digest. if your going to eat vegetables then you want to cook them very thoroughly. The raw food diet does promote people to consume things like raw honey and coconut oil. I think that this is a good thing but the damage that's caused by eating raw vegetables is pretty huge. The problem a lot of times with diets is that they don't take into consideration how the body works. You don't want to look at your health in terms of what's the best diet. You want to eat foods that benefit you based on your physiology. Raw honey, coconut oil and grass fed beef all contain nutrients and other things in them which benefit your metabolism. You don't just want have a tablespoon of coconut oil rather you want have coconut oil with a good quality source of protein and carbohydrate. Raw honey is a excellent source of carbohydrates because of its very high fructose content. Fruits are a excellent source of carbohydrates because they not only have fructose in them but they also have mineral's and vitamin's.


It's hard for a lot of people to interpret because the advice I give with what foods to eat goes totually against all the advice they are used to hearing. We have people promoting the consumption of nuts and seeds. The problem with this is nuts and seeds contain high amounts of polyunsaturated fatty acids and tryptophan. Both polyunsaturated fatty acids and tryptophan cause huge health problems. We have people consuming fish oil because they're told that fish oil is brain food. Fish oil will also cause problems long term. Fish oil does reduce inflammation short-term which is why a lot of people see initial benefit but eventually the damage of polyunsaturated fatty acids become apparent with it. You're much better off to put your money towards coconut oil then fish oil. Raw honey does not contain any polyunsaturated fatty acids. That's one the reasons why I suggest people eat lots of it. Coconut oil contains 1% of the very bad polyunsaturated fatty acids. This means that you can use lots of coconut oil safely. We have lots of people saying that you shouldn't consume any sugar even if it's from fruits or raw honey but look at how much polyunsaturated fatty acids are culture is consuming. We consume huge amounts of fats in the forms of canola oil and sesame seed oil. We consume huge amounts of grains which are also rich in poluunsaturated fatty acids and breed lots of endotoxin. We consume meats that are fed large amounts of grains and live in conditions that lead to a lack of sunlight and exercise. All these things cause animals to store more polyunsaturated fatty acids in their tissue as you can see from all this polyunsaturated fatty acids are the problem not We are bombarded with polyunsaturated fatty acids in our society and it's the biggest cause of inflammation in our culture.


In conclusion, I hope I helped you to figure out what the healthy foods are and what foods you should avoid. bbq catering winnipeg